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Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance
Mobile Insurance
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  • Model: HTMC-058

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Why OneAssist Mobile Damage Protection?

  • Protection
  • Save time

    • 24X7 on call assistance• Free pick up & drop service
  • Protection
  • Save money

    • 100% Genuine spare parts• Unlimited claims upto sum insured
  • Protection
  • Save Hassles

    • Repairs from OneAssist authorized service centres• Hassle free claim experience

What is covered?

  • Protection
  • Protection against any accidental, physical or
    liquid damage

  • repair
  • Unlimited repairs up to sum insured

  • freepick
  • Free pick and drop

What is not covered?

  • Protection
  • Damage due to improper handling/ negligence & unexplained reasons

  • defect
  • Unauthorized repairs/ alterations & defects/ faults covered under the warranty

  • minor
  • Minor cosmetic damages like scratches/ dents & accessories that come with the device

We have Awesome Partners

  • oneplus
  • honor
  • oppo
  • moto
  • vivo
  • sumsung
  • realme
  • mi

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